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Meet My Team

With over 15 years working with top real estate teams throughout SouthWestern Ontario, I’m proud to say I made a significant contribution in those teams earning exceptionally high rankings in their communities—and achieved unmatched results. What I discovered is the best team to help you is the team that actually works directly with you.

I’m dedicated to providing exceptional service that is led with integrity, high ethical standards, and unparalleled care. With 15+ years of experience in Lorne Park and the surrounding area, my expertise is your advantage.

Meet My Team

Our Trusted Network of Professional Associates

We have established—and continue to build—a trusted team of real estate specialists who provide superior real estate service. This is the team who really works for you.

I’m happy to introduce you to one of my trusted and experienced legal firms to advise you with your real estate needs.  The importance of a very good experienced lawyer is invaluable.  They pave the path to closing with practiced ease making sure things are moving forward as expected and IF things should go astray you will feel confident knowing you have a seasoned professional who is readily available to give you the best advice.

I cannot say enough about the value of an experienced licensed mortgage broker.  Their ability to search from a data base of all lenders is something only a licensed professional can do to bring you the very best mortgage product.  Further, if you have a unique financial situation or you are looking for some advice on how to get your finances in the best condition for a future purchase, you need to be talking to someone now who understands your plans and is guiding you along the way to success.  My mortgage brokers care about you.

I only refer inspectors who are registered with the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors and who are local to your purchase area.  After a successful offer on a home or just before an offer on a home, you might be wondering if the house is as sound as it looks and how will you “work” your new home?  My home inspectors are tireless in their willingness to answer all of your questions and follow up by providing you with a binder filled with their knowledge on the workings of your new home.  Their expert opinion is based on years of service in the neighbourhoods that they frequent.  My home inspectors are giving you peace of mind well into the future as they encourage you to ask questions even years down the line.

You will be amazed with the transformations that my stagers are able to achieve.  Whether you need very little or a whole lot, my stagers know just how to make your home perfectly appealing to the discerning buyer.  Their practiced eye will open up your space and make it appear magazine ready with their flair for current trends in both colour and structure.  Most importantly, they never stage the same way twice.  They take each home as an individual project using pieces chosen specifically for your home.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this is especially true of advertising a home.  I’ve been proudly using and boasting about my photography team for most of my career.  I can tell you that I’m very particular about the end result and my photographers have never let me down.  Utilizing the most talented photographer is simply inviting an artist into your home.  I’ve never been disappointed and I know you won’t feel any different.

Bringing your home to life through video is a different art altogether.  My videography team is essentially shooting a short movie that requires an expert eye and incredible editing skills.  I personally explain our vision of marketing your home to the crew so they may confidently execute the best angles and feel for your video.  We may decide that incorporating neighbourhood video or aerial drone shots will be value added to showcase your home.  This adds to the complexity of the entire project and we will execute this with a professional high quality video for you to keep.

Whatever you find you might need, I most likely have a “guy” for that.  Over many years I’m proud to say I have gathered such an amazing group of skilled help.  Right from a handymen who seem to be able to do just about every odd job to a window repair people, gardeners, painters, master electricians…well, you probably see where I am going here.  I’ve also developed a list of skilled professional renovation experts who can squeeze a shower into, what looks like, an impossibly tight spot to a company who can add an entire wing on your home.  Do you have a basement leak?  Mold?  Yes, I have someone for all of these things.

Whether you are moving in or moving out, cleaning may well be the last thing on your mind or perhaps you are just running out of time!  I can help you with that.  I work with a select group of cleaners who can help you, sometimes, with just a few hour’s notice.  They are experts in their field and I do not hesitate to offer their assistance.

I have movers for just about any sized move.  Whether your grandma’s piano is being offered to your next door neighbour or you are moving your entire family to Tuscany, I have a mover who will suit your needs.  Having a great referral base is what I bring to you.

…and more might include someone who has housed all the family heirlooms from generations back, but now it is time to move.  How do you even tackle that project?  I definitely work with services that can handle that situation expertly and most importantly; delicately.  Perhaps you have some small intruders in your attic or it’s just about that time to get the oil tank out of your basement crawl space.  I’m very proud to say I’ve been able to help with all these things and more.  If it’s part of your life, it’s part of my job.

My Client Relationships

"Nancy was well-prepared and had a great approach and strategy to sell our house. Her photographer and floor planner produced beautiful work! She worked really hard and was readily available to support and answer questions when needed."

- Cynthia and Dali

"Nancy is totally dedicated to the needs of her clients and is incredibly knowledgeable about the GTA real estate market, processes and concerns involved in buying or selling a property."

- Mark

"The good, the bad and the ugly will always show up but Nancy remained as unbiased, yet as informed and knowledgeable on each detail, as she educated us along the way."

- Arnav and Sydney

"What started out as a business relationship has turned into a great friend who we can confide in and trust. We highly recommend Nancy as she is very knowledgeable of the market, especially Lorne Park. Very easy to work with."

- Marc and Brenda N.

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