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07.5.2021 | Buying

Assignment 1.

Did you find a home that is perfect?  Your dream home?  Exactly what you have been looking for?

If you are buying a home, this is your HOMEwork.

Get in your car and drive by at night.  Drive by early evening and late at night.  Drive by on weekends, day and night.  What do you see?  What do you hear?

Things may look just charming and perfect by daylight on a Tuesday but at night or on a weekend?  It may be a completely different story.  In some less than suspicious Mississauga communites you’ll need to have good home security and windows that block out a whole lot of late night noise.  If that’s okay by you, then it’s completely okay by me, but please do your homework.  

You may also ask me.  I have years of knowledge in many different Mississauga neighbourhoods and regularly speak with a wide range of homeowners.  Ask any of my clients.  As my clients shared in my website’s real estate testimonials, I tell them the good, bad and the ugly. 


Looking for more information about a neighbourhood?

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